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Helping Women Mature with Grace and Confidence

Age of independence, excitement of youth and adventure. Take charge of your fertility and care for it. Ensure that your menses are not the bane of your life by reducing heavy and painful menses. Reduce the risk of vaginal and pelvic infections by taking good care of your perineal hygiene. Check with your gynae for contraceptive advice and female health screening for fertility if your menses are irregular.


Age of career development and child bearing. These two goals should go hand in hand. A woman in her thirties should be taking care that her risk for endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases or 不孕症 is low and take steps to treat them to avoid future problems. A regular check up with your gynae will help you through this period of your life. Build a relationship with your gynae so that she understands your needs.


Age of consolidation, delayed childbearing and preparation towards menopause.

Many women in this age group are at increased risk of breast cancer, cervical abnormalities, development of fibroids and ovarian cysts. As we move towards our mid life, this is the time to ensure that the next half of our life will be a time of emancipation and freedom from degenerative illnesses.


Age of transition and Anti-ageing is now!

We are free from pads and now we want to concentrate on keeping ourselves fit and healthy to enjoy the fruits of our labour, our children and grandchildren, travel and experience new things which we had less time for in the past.

A regular check up is essential together with a good diet and exercise plan to build up our immunity and maintain vitality for life.

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