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Dr Ann Tan has been featured regularly in numerous news articles and media publications to share her professional insight on issues surrounding gynaecology, infertility and obstetrics.
It Changed My Life: Singapore fertility expert Ann Tan on helping couples become parents
The Straits Times, 26 July 2020

Dr Ann Tan is a strong advocate of social egg freezing, where a woman can store her eggs until she is ready for pregnancy. She explains why it’s especially crucial in Singapore.

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Prescription For Caring The Business Times, 3 April 2020

Seventeen years ago, Ann Tan vividly remembers coming home from work one day to her then two-year-old daughter, who ran excitedly to her for a hug. It was the height of SARS then. The toddler suddenly skidded to a stop and told her: “Mummy, I cannot hug you until you go shower.”

Coronavirus and pregnancy: experts share how to minimise the infection risk for you and your baby South China Morning Post, 5 Apr 2020

Pregnancy is usually a joyful time in a woman’s life, but with everyone in a heightened state of anxiety over the Covid-19 pandemic, what ought to be a period of excitement and anticipation for many mums-to-be might feel anything but.

Having Healthy Babies

Dr Ann Tan is the first Singaporean to hold the Diploma of Fetal Medicine from the Fetal Medicine Foundation, an international body that accredits Fetal Maternal...

Complications In Labour

Your due date has arrived and excitement is mounting up! We all know that giving birth rarely happens like it does on movies: Your water breaks; you gasp...

Zest of Life

Dr Ann Tan is as passionate about creating and safeguarding life as she is about living it to the max.She is an individual with many interests and pursuits...

Understanding Infertility

Fertility is often taken for granted. However, inadequate nutrition, lifestyle and work stresses as well as real diseases of the reproductive system ...

Infertility: Men Get It

When couples fail to conceive, it seems like the woman is always the first to be probed for signs of infertility, even though the problem could just as easily lie with her partner.

Understanding Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a painful gynaecological disorder that causes excessive menstrual bleeding and cramps. It can start in the teenage years and has long term consequences for fertility.

Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Testing

When I first started doing non-invasive first trimester screenings 10 years ago, we were only able to take a sample of the mother’s blood and test for the presence and amount of pregnancy hormones hCG and PAPP-A.

The Question Of Cysts

While ovarian cysts are not always a problem, you shouldn't ignore those which cause pain and bleeding as these symptoms could point to something that requires medical treatment or surgery.

Saving Your Fertility

When the time is not right to start a family, there are ways to preserve your fertility for when circumstances are more ideal.

Nutrients for Pregnancy

When the time is not right to start a family, there are ways to preserve your fertility for when circumstances are more ideal.

Passion For Mummy & Baby

There was an air of expectancy as the photographers and I wait for Dr Ann Tan to appear from the dressing room for the cover shoot.

Am I Fertile?

In the circle of life, the ability to reproduce oneself and nurture another life often carries a special meaning and purpose to one’s own existence.

Understanding Ovarian Cysts

Ovaries are the two small organs - the size of large strawberries - on both sides of the uterus.

A Healthy Pregnancy

To experience a problem-free nine months, it is helpful to plan your pregnancy and take care of your health in advance.

Start Young Stay Healthy

Maintaining one’s health is the key to living well and experiencing the best of what life has to offer.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is one of the most common presenting complaints in female patients visiting a gynaecologist.

Fertility Facts

Singapore’s birth rate is declining. In 2010, the total recorded live-birth is 37,967. This is a steep drop from the 46,997 babies recorded in 2000*.

Dr Baby

Now in her forties, Dr Tan is the immediate past president of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO), having served in its board for two years.

Facts About Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a set of mental and physical symptoms that result from having an extra copy of the human Chromosome 21.

Vaginal Infections

One of the most common complaints seen daily in any gynaecologist’s clinic is the complaint of having abnormal vaginal discharge.

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