5 Common Fertility Myths

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While some couples find it easy to get pregnant on their first few tries, others are not so lucky, trying for months or years with no success.

Modern advances in technology have thankfully provided numerous methods to increase a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. Unfortunately, many couples tend to delay medical attention, or may even be misguided by old wives’ tales and misinformation.

At Women Fertility & Fetal Centre, we want our patients to be well-informed about their fertility and options, so that they can make educated decisions when it comes to building a family. Here are some common myths surrounding fertility:
“My periods are regular. It’s easy for me to get pregnant.”

While having regular periods is a positive indication of fertility, it is not a guarantee. For instance, some women may menstruate regularly, yet do not ovulate regularly. If a woman and her partner are young and generally healthy, and has a regular menstrual cycle, they are encouraged to visit an IVF Clinician to pinpoint the cause of infertility.

“I’m already 40 years old. I’ll never get pregnant.”

The probability of a woman over 40 conceiving naturally is significantly lower at only 5% per month. This is because by this time, the woman’s eggs would have sharply declined in quality and number. However, pregnancy is still a possibility, particularly if done through assisted reproduction and both parties are in good overall health.

“Infertility is a female problem.”

Men are often overlooked when investigating infertility, and it shouldn’t be the case. As it takes both an egg and sperm to result in a pregnancy, infertility can easily occur in either or both parties. The quality and quantity of sperm is just as crucial as that of the egg. Age, certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors can affect both male and female fertility.

“Day 14 is the best time for me to get pregnant.”

Most people may have heard that day 14 is the best time to get pregnant because this is when the egg will be released for fertilization. However, this only applies to women who have regular 28-day menstrual cycles. Some women have longer or shorter cycles, and so their ovulation period will be different. If you are unsure on how to calculate when your fertile period is, consult your gynaecologist.

“Being infertile means I’ll never have a baby.”

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive naturally after a year of trying, in which case a couple is advised to visit their doctor to determine the cause of infertility and receive appropriate treatment. This may involve lifestyle changes, medical treatments or assisted reproduction. Numerous couples struggling with infertility do succeed in the end.

There are many more misconceptions that surround fertility and infertility, which can be detrimental to those who delay much-needed medical intervention as a result. By having regular check-ups with your gynaecologist and adopting a healthier lifestyle, you can increase your chances of having a baby. Likewise, your husband should also adopt a healthy lifestyle and get his sperm count and quality checked.

Dr Ann Tan of Women Fertility & Fetal Centre is an MOH-accredited Singapore obstetrician, gynaecologist and fertility and IVF Clinician who provides a comprehensive list of health services for women of all ages, from female health screening to pre- and post-natal management. To find out more, contact us at +65 6734 8188 today.

Dr Ann Tan
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Dr Ann Tan is an established obstetrician and gynaecologist in Singapore who has devoted over 20 years to the care of women and couples struggling with infertility. She is accredited in both fetal and reproductive medicine, and was the former Medical Director of Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre.

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